The family business of Thieme Oschatz reaches back to 1900 when the great-great  grandfather Otto Thieme started out as craftsman potter / ceramist / oven manufacturer. Son Arthur Thieme and Grandson Werner Thieme senior added the tiler business, as  having a bathrooms got standard in every home. Werner Thieme junior laid emphasis to  build bespoke and well-designed fireplaces, which now is hand over to Christian Thieme  the 5th generation, while the 6th generation Luis is busy playing at the Kindergarden..... Well, the Thieme men always had smart woman as support and help at their side, therefore is was only a matter of time, that they themself were having their own business.  Mrs. Ruth Thieme, married to the third generation, started the Bed & Breakfast Pension  Thieme™ in 1991. Initially, only two rooms were offered as the children had left home for university. In great demand more rooms were modernized and furnished as guest rooms in  Villa Ruth. Soon there were regular guests and not just because of the delicious breakfast  buffet of our Saxon hostess.
Pension Thieme™
Established 1991
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